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Who is Ida?

Ida Resi Alit  was born to a simple family in a rice farming village in the Bangli region of Bali Indonesia on March 13th, 1986. She spent her youth with a dream of attending university and becoming a successful independent woman, but when her father died a sudden and tragic death when she was 13 years old her family faced increased economic hardship. Despite those challenges Ida still displayed more ambition than the average Balinese teenager. Read more…


Ida’s mission starts with helping people to compassionately turn inward and recognize the presence of their emotions.

She sees an opportunity to aid humanity by helping to facilitate the expression and release of emotions in a healthy and healing manner, spreading the values of community, and helping people develop a connection between all things including their family, neighbors, spirit, and the world. Read more…


Ida is a true spiritual leader and inspiration to both her community of 300,000 in Bangli, Bali, and those she has met in her travels. As the youngest ever High Priestess of Hindu Dharma from Bali, the historic decision to ordain her as High Priestess on her 21st birthday in 2007 shattered thousands of years of traditions in the requirements for age, gender, caste, and academic training. She continues to push the boundaries by being the first of her status to travel abroad and outside of her local community to spread her message.


Experience a transformational meditation and blessing ceremony to help you release unwanted emotions and advance you on your path to finding a greater fulfillment in life. Each ritual or meditation session led by Ida has a unique purpose and effect on the mind, body, and spirit.

Ida’s ceremonies break down lifetimes of pain, trauma, programs, and conditioning for deep rooted healing that truly needs to be experienced to conceptualize the magnitude and authenticity of her extraordinary gifts.

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