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Compassion, Community, Connection

Ida’s mission starts with helping people to compassionately turn inward and recognize the presence of their emotions. She sees an opportunity to aid humanity by helping to facilitate the expression and release of emotions in a healthy and healing manner, spreading the values of community, and helping people develop a connection between all things including their family, neighbors, spirit, and the world.



Ida has taken a strong stance on caring for the environment and taking an extra effort to prevent issues such as pollution and plastic waste to ensure our we preserve the vitality and quality of life for plants, animals, and humans alike. Hers is a message of developing harmony with nature and initiating efforts to maintain it’s natural beauty. She sees the neglect of our environment as a human problem that we have the power to resolve.


Spiritual Oneness

Achieving a higher consciousness is one of the ultimate achievements within Balinese Hindu Dharma. Ida aims to set people on their own path to develop their connection to a universal consciousness and find their own sense of peace and harmony.


Tri Hita Karana

“Human with one another, human with nature, human with spirit.” These missions together form the “Tri Hita Karana”, a traditional philosophy for life in Bali. Ida desires to carry this message as an ambassador for Balinese culture while giving back to her home community in the process.

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